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1   Tisa's barefoot beach bar

2    Nuuuli Waterfall

3   Robert Louis Stevenson Home and Garden

4   Flag Day 2012

5   Lonely Planet's Top Ten Destination

6   Arriving in Pago Pago by Boat

Its summer vacation and a lot going on. Sports and school keep the kids busy. Visitors from around the world are making use of American Samoa's free eco-activities such as snorkeling, hiking and interisland travel. The clubs are crowded with college students home on break. Good time to be in American Samoa.

The Islands of American Samoa are high volcanic islands of dramatic beauty and adventure.

For travelers, American Samoa is diverse in many ways. Visitors decide on luxury or budget lodgings.

Adventure activities are mostly free. You choose. Bus rides cost about one dollar US. The buses are friendly, safe, regular and many. You can rent a car.

Select the finest, freshest sashimi in the world. Eat Asian, Polynesian, Filipino, Korean or American at much better than affordable prices. You can eat cheap.

International Banking and all major ATM debit and credit cards are welcome. Call anywhere in the world on your mobile phone. 3G Broadband internet.

A Territory of the United States, American Samoa adheres to safe drinking water and safe waste water regulations. i.e. You can safely drink water from the tap. We also comply with US federal regulations governing the environment such as protection of reefs, rain forests, sea mammals, fish and birds.

Immerse yourself in our history of exploration, culture, voyaging, romance and adventure.

If you are coming over from the Independent State of Samoa the return air fare is about $155.00 US. American Samoa has no departure fee. The bus fare from the airport to town is US $1.00. The interisland ferry is cheaper.

American Samoa has its own customs and immigration services apart from the United States of America. One word of caution; customs officials have sniffer dogs at every point of arrival. The dogs are very accurate and its sad to see unsuspecting visitors carried off to the local jail for a single joint or other illegal drug. Its does happen.

Budget traveler notebook for American Samoa:
room; US $45.00 - $ 60.00 a night; double occupancy
activities for 1 to 5 days; Free
Food per day; $10.00 includes 3 full meals at various restaurants
Bus Fare; $ 0 - $6.00 a day depending on activity
Beer; $1.50 bottle in store or $3.50- $4.00 a bottle in club


On boat day in American Samoa, when the great cruise ships of the oceans call Pago Pago, visitors seek out the best in environmental surroundings, tasteful local cuisine and island hospitality. Tisa'a Barefoot bar answers the call.

Noted in Lonely Planet's Polynesian volume as "The best beach bar in the Pacific" Tisa's has become more than a day stop for cruising tourists.

Her beach fale accommodations attract a diverse range of visitors; some seeking an authentic Polynesian village experience, others an opportunity to absorb the meditative energy released from an endlessly breaking surf.

Tutuila surprises!!!!

Only 5 minutes from a busy intersection lies a fabulously refreshing waterfall. And to get there a trip through a lush green rainforest. Lonely Planet found it and so did our couchsurf friends, Calixto and Alex.

Join them on this mini-adventure.


The Robert Louis Stevenson Home and Rainforest Reserve

Above Apia, on a mountain top named Vailima, rests in eternity the great writer, Robert Louis Stevenson. Tusitala, teller of tales.

Stories of adventure, cunning, plotting and mystery. In real life, RLS himself helped  engineer the freedom movement of Samoan people. When he died, his fervent supporters hurried his body to the top of Mount Vaea, protected from enemies. There he lies today.

Today Vailima is diverse.

Beyond the Victorian mansion is the rainforest reserve and education center. Students and visitors share knowledge handed down over eons of generations. Trees, plants and medicinals that prospered ancient voyagers and sustained their habitat are marked and signed. The knowledge passes to new generations of Polynesian explorers.


Flag Day 2012

American Samoa's Flag Day 2012: 2 Short Videos

Tradition follows history. Two events mark Flag Day as the biggest celebration of the year in American Samoa.

The exuberance of the annual long boat, or Fautasi, race pits village against village in the fierce, but friendly, rowing competition. Watch the excitement here.

The rowing finished, villagers vie for honors in the traditional dance and song competition. Here, the teams pass in review to the march beat of local and military bands. Color, pageantry and pride.

Lonely Planet has selected American Samoa as one of the Top Ten US travel destinations for 2013

Click or Tap Here To View Lonely Planet Top Ten

Arriving In Pago Pago By Boat

The overseas trip from Manu'a to Pago Harbor on Tutuila only takes 6 hours aboard the M/V Sili. For some its a commute from one island to another.

For others, arriving in Manu'a is a trip into another time where nature touches human life daily.

Students arriving in Pago Pago think about comforts and pleasure not available in Manu'a; cheeseburgers, pizza and cable TV.

Take your own 2:36 second trip aboard the Sili.