Sunday, September 1, 2013

Jean Michel Cousteau visits American Samoa: The 300m Exosuit

He described his visit to American Samoa's coral reef atoll, Swains Island, as a "jewel of the ocean".

He implored a group of young students to learn the lessons his generation never knew. He said the oceans can not be a trash bin of humanity or the universal sewer of the world.

And that the exosuit will enable explorers like himself to retrieve the plants and animals of 300 meter depths to stir science, create new medicines and spur economies built around preserving the ocean environment.

But his most impassioned declaration to his young audience was that, "I will never let you down" in the quest for a cleaner, protected ocean environment.

Watch as Jean Michel Cousteau describes his newest
conquest: Diving to depths of 300 meters for periods
of more than one hour in the exosuit.

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Jim Knowlton said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing Jean-Michel's message!